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You might want to read this in case you ever need to know how to clean house fast! Trust me! I’ve been there. Have you ever gotten caught?

Ding! The notification goes off.

You walk over to your phone and pick it up.

You’re so excited because it’s your best friend and you always love hearing from her.

But wait…she’s in the neighborhood and she’ll be at your house in a half an hour?


As much as you love her and she loves you, you weren’t exactly ‘on top of your game’ this morning and the house may have gotten a little out of hand.

You gulp and glance around the house, upset at yourself because you meant to do the dishes after breakfast, but you just didn’t get around to it.

Your clean, but unfolded clothes are lying all over the couch, and you really need to sweep the kitchen floor.

You break out in a cold sweat as you text back… Sure!

I’m excited to see you!  

Now What?? 

You set down your phone, put your hands on your head, and try not to cry!

After all, you don’t want your friend to think you’re a slob.

You know you’re not usually this messy and your house typically is pretty clean, but the day has been beating you up and you’ve struggled all morning to get anything done.

It’s okay!

You’ve got this!

If you have a plan in place, you’ll know exactly what to do if that should ever happen to you again.

It is possible to clean your house quickly in the case of an emergency.

You just need a plan, and one that will get the job done  fast.

Gather your kids together, take a deep breath, and let’s get your house clean!

Tell the Kids the Plan Ahead of Time 

It will serve you well to teach your kids how to clean house fast.

First let your kids know that you need a joint effort and that everyone needs to work together, quickly, and efficiently.

Let them know that they’re part of the solution in helping you get the house looking company worthy in a short amount of time. I’m always amazed at how well my kids spring into action when I need them.

It’s absolutely essential and totally acceptable to involve your kids.

In fact, if you involve your kids in cleaning up your house, you’ll teach them responsibility and a sense of belonging. After all, if they helped make the mess, they should feel very comfortable helping clean it up!

Your kids are capable of more than you might think and can quickly help you get the house cleaned. 

Make Sure to Use Timers 

You aren’t always wanting to clean your house fast just because company is coming over. Sometimes you just need to clean up the house and you don’t want to spend the entire day doing it.

If you need to get something done quickly, then a timer can be your best friend.

I find it incredibly motivating to set a five minute timer and try to beat the clock. You’d be surprised at how much quicker you work and how much you can get done in a short amount of time.

The other day I let my bedroom get out of hand and it definitely needed attention.

When I walked into my room I was fully prepared to sit down and relax. But when I saw everything that needed to be straightened, I decided that just could not happen.

I set a quick five minute timer using my Google Home Mini (similar to the Amazon Echo Dot) and I hustled to get everything done.  

Since I was working so quickly, (because even a friendly competition with the timer is fun!) I actually ended before the timer went off.  

I was actually surprised at how fast I cleaned up my room.

Set timers for each area of the house you need to get cleaned.

And then get to work!

Assign Jurisdictions 

Teach this next step ahead time so your kids know what to expect.

Divide your house up into sections. In our house, we call these jurisdictions.

Assign a jurisdiction to each of your kids and then teach them exactly what you expect them to do. 

  • Are they in charge of keeping it straightened all day long?
  • Do they have certain times during the day they should be checking it?
  • What exactly do you want them to do?
  • Do you want them to deep clean or just straighten?
  • What other expectations do you have?

The jurisdiction becomes the responsibility of the child to whom it belongs.

He or she can make sure to straighten it all throughout the day or whatever you choose.

If for some reason you need to get your house ready quickly, make a general announcement that everyone needs to take care of their jurisdictions.

You’ll be amazed at how you can clean house fast when everyone springs into action.

You can clean the house quickly when you divide and conquer!

Many hands make light work. ~ John Heywood

Use This Chore System

I’ve designed a chore system that takes all the guesswork out of chores! As long as you teach your kids how to use the system, it pretty much runs itself!

Check out The Homeschooling Housewife’s Chore System.

It will easily organize your kids into a team of people who can quickly clean the house.

In the chore system, each of your kids will receive a card with a chore and instructions on it.

They’ll know exactly what you expect them to do.

So when you need to clean your house quickly, you can hand out their cards and they can get to work fast.

Play Music 

Music is invigorating and very helpful for motivating you to clean your house fast.

We love to play bluegrass in our house because it’s not something we usually listen to. (Just not my preference! 🙂 )

Since it’s a little bit silly, it makes us all feel light hearted. The upbeat tempo often makes us work to clean our house quicker.

End With a Reward

Rewards are a great motivator.

They work well for children and adults alike.

I don’t know about you, but if I know that at the end of my hard work I will receive a reward, then I’m excited to clean my house as quickly as I can.

But don’t forget to reward yourself and the kids for all of your diligent and hard work.

Now You’re Ready

Your house is ready for company. (Or whatever other occasion you might have.)

Now enjoy the time you can spend visiting over coffee or tea (or special time with your kids.)

Pat yourself on the back for cleaning your house so quickly.

Sure, it’s not ideal and you might not feel like you deep cleaned your house, but you were able to straighten up your house fast.

And that deserves celebration!

You might not always find yourself in a mad rush to clean your house because you have unexpected company coming, but having a plan to clean your house quickly is invaluable.

If you start to notice the house getting out of hand, then you can call in the troops and get your house back in order fast.

You’ll know exactly what to do to make sure your house is neat and clean and it won’t take you all day to do it!

One Last Thing…

Sometimes it’s helpful to see your house, and your kids as a ministry.

It helps to take feelings of overwhelm and frustration out of the picture. I know that when my house is out of order, my feelings follow.

Check out this post, Your Kids: The Amazing Ministry You Already Have.

How about you? Have you ever found yourself scrambling to get your house ready when company was on the way? Do you have tricks for cleaning house fast? Comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas. And if you liked what you read, then please share it with your friends. Who knows? They might be scrambling when you stop by unexpectedly!