I’m about to to let you in on one of the greatest Thanksgiving traditions of all time. Get ready because this tradition is gonna make you the best mom ever! (Like Super Mom status!) We’ve been doing it in our house for many years and the results are phenomenal! Everyone gets so excited and the memories are just AWESOME! 

Are you ready?

Introducing the Pie Buffett! 

You read that right! I am telling you…this is the most fun you will have in all of Thanksgiving. It’s really not too difficult to execute but it’s something I’ve been surprised a lot of people haven’t thought of. (Maybe I’m just that crazy of a mom?? 🙂 )

In our house if we miss the turkey nobody cares. If for some reason the stuffing is dry it’s okay. The cranberries could be a bit too tart for everyone’s liking and no one minds. But if we miss the Thanksgiving Pie Buffet, everyone is sad. Strike that!! We NEVER miss the Thanksgiving Pie Buffet!

Our Thanksgiving menu has been more about the pies than anything else!

Thanksgiving Traditions, Thanksgiving Pie Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Pie Recipes

Pies Are Sentimental? 

I start about a week ahead of Thanksgiving and ask all of my kids and any guests who we plan to invite, what their favorite pies are. I’ve been surprised to see how much nostalgia this question actually invokes.

Many of our guests have told stories about the pies their mom always made for Thanksgiving. And of course since we’ve been doing it for quite a while, our kids have each developed their own favorites as well.

One year, my grandpa and I were in charge of transporting the pie to my parents’ house and it slid across the front seat of the car. We both went to grab it and it spilled all over both of us! We laughed and laughed. So hard. When we finally arrived at the dinner, we were both covered in sweet goo! I still laugh at the memory and my grandpa has been gone for five years.

Thanksgiving Traditions, Thanksgiving Pie Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Pie Recipes

My husband always thinks of his mom’s peanut butter pie and smiles at the family memories he recalls.

Yes! Pies are sentimental. Families gather around food and Thanksgiving is the one time to slow down the pace and just enjoy!

Time to Prepare 

Once I know what everyone wants. Then I start assembling my arsenal of ingredients and make my massive grocery shopping sweets list. If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you’ll know that I I am all for healthy eating. But I also think there is a time and a place to completely indulge and enjoy something sugary and fun. After all, kids are kids and they need to have special treats once in a while.

So Many Pies! 

There is always a grand variety of pies on the list.

Of course, we have the traditional pumpkin and apple pies but then there’s a huge variety as unusual and exotic as you can imagine.

Thanksgiving Traditions, Thanksgiving Pie Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Pie Recipes

I don’t give the kids a limit to how many pies they can choose, (obviously within reason) and we have had as many as twenty pies at a time at our Thanksgiving Pie Buffet! (That means sometime it’s one pie per person!)

And my favorite – Grandma always tells me, ‘Amber, that’s way too many pies!’

Don’t worry! We don’t eat them all at once! Actually, no one in our family is really a big eater, so it’s a lot of fun to see the kids as we set out the pie buffet. In fact, just telling you about it is making me smile. They pile their plates pretty high! 

Thanksgiving isn’t that far away, so we’ll get to do it again soon!

With the rise of food allergies in our family, sometimes I have to make two versions of the same pie, but I don’t mind. It’s really that fun!

As soon as we are finished cleaning up from the big Thanksgiving meal, we start setting up the Thanksgiving Pie Buffet. Turtle pie, cherry cheesecake pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, death by chocolate pie, you name it, it’s on our Thanksgiving Pie Buffet!

Thanksgiving Traditions, Thanksgiving Pie Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Pie Recipes

Can You Eat All That? 

Now you might be wondering if we eat all of the pie, and the answer is not in one sitting. This is the one time where I don’t limit my kids and I giggle to myself as I see them scoop pieces of each pie onto their plates as a sampler.

I do cut the pieces very thin so everyone can taste each pie if they want to. I have yet to have a kid actually finish everything on his plate. If he doesn’t, we just put it in the refrigerator and save it for later. And then with the huge variety of left over pies, we have some fun snacks in the weeks to come.

The Best Thanksgiving Tradition Ever! 

When my kids look back on their growing up, I want them to remember that we did fun and special things that were out of the ordinary!

I have heard my kids telling others how fun the Thanksgiving Pie Buffet is and I’m happy to know that I have provided them with the best Thanksgiving tradition ever!

Here are Some of Our Family’s Favorites 

Just to get you started, here are a few of our family’s favorites.

Frozen Grasshopper Pie

Death By Chocolate

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

Peanut Butter Pie

If you’re looking for another spin on Thanksgiving traditions, check out this post from my friend at Graceful Abandon! 

What are your favorite pies? Do you have any that make you smile? Any that invoke special family memories? I would love to hear your favorite recipes!